Bellingham + Stanley
Model D    Polarimeter
The Model D Polarimeter is a well established, high quality, low cost instrument capable of measuring the rotation of optically active samples; and matches the performances of many digital instruments in the market today. The well known variable half waveplate effect is used to obtain a balance between the two halves of a circle when viewed through an eyepiece. The reading is then taken from the scale. The instrument accepts sample tubes of lengths of up to 220mm and is used for measuring concentrations and optical rotations in the food, sugar, flavours, fragrance, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The Model D Polarimeter is also extensively used in schools and colleges as an educational tool. For dark samples which absorb light, the Model D Polarimeter has provision for adjustment allowing more light to pass through the sample. There are a number of accessories which may be required when using the Model D Polarimeter including sample tubes, temperature control equipment and calibration standards. For calibration purposes verification of the Model D Polarimeter can be made against fixed value quartz control plates. The instrument must be used in conjunction with a sodium light source (also supplied by Bellingham + Stanley).
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