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The octane and cetane number are determined in an engine test. The engines are available from different producers, the most popular model is the CFR engine.

The engine must be calibrated with fuel blenders. We can supply blenders for mixtures at high precision. (lack in precision at blending leads to inaccurate results in the engine test.)

Another strong reason for popularity of blenders is safety in the laboratory.

ROFA’s Blender are automatically controlled by PLC or PC and available in many different models.

You can choose:

Level of Automation

  • automatic with balance
  • automatic with balance and burettes
  • automatic with balance without burettes

Number Of Components

  • 2-6 fuels

Mode Of Transportation

  • Gravity
  • Pump
  • Nitrogene

Control Device

  • PLC
  • PC

Cope Of Delivery

  • alone
  • with accessories

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