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ROFA EuroDist: Crude Oil Distillation Plants



  • ASTM
    • D2892
    • D5236


  • Worldwide

Standard, L-Series, M-Series

ROFA Germany produces laboratory crude oil distillation plants. Excellent performance and a surprising simplicity in servicing and maintenance make distillation jobs as simple as possible.

Safety features, which include the monitoring of most common process gases, fire or smoke detection and a redundant safety concept in soft- and hardware control support today’s laboratory safety requirements.

TBP – ASTM D 2892
Standard & L-Series

The ASTM D 2892, also called TBP (True Boiling Point) can fractionise crude oils from 15°C up to 420°C AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature) at pressure stages down to 1 Torr. 

Potstill – ASTM D 5236
Standard & L-Series

The ASTM D 5236 (Potstill) can fractionize crude oil or crude oil residue from 15°C up to 565 °C (at atmospheric equivalent temperature); from atmospheric pressure down to a vacuum of 0,1 Torr. 

Combi- & custom-tailored Plants

The picture shows a Combi-Plant with an 20/10 litre TBP (ASTM D 2892) and a 10/6 litre Potstill (ASTM D 5236), with a cooling station (for operation without requiring dry ice for gas- and cold trap cooling).

Special Product Features

  • TBP Column Design
  • TBP Sensors & Controls
  • Lifting Platform
  • TBP Water REmoval
  • TBP Reflux Divider Design
  • Autosampler Desing
  • TBP Cooling Station
  • Accessoires