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Mobile Laboratory


We supply a big size version (A) with special sample taking to check trucks on the road.

The medium size version (B) is a mobile laboratory with many special features for testing out in the field.


  • EN
    • 1789
    • 3795
  • ISO
    • 3795
    • 554


  • Worldwide

UNIQUE on the market: our completely customizable Mobile Laboratory!

Version A – Big Size

The Mobile Laboratory, based on the truck as a moveable platform, completely equipped for undisturbed laboratory analysis of fuel parameters, alcoholic drinks, drugs, ammunition, etc.

The Mobile Laboratory version A is also equipped with two independent systems for automatic fuels sampling from trucks/cisterns, which are completely unique systems world-wide. Sample taking is attended.

It can be quickly dispatched on site, take samples, perform analysis and even send the results via internet to the host laboratory.

During on-site operation, independent work of the laboratory equipment is provided by parallel powering from public electric grid, by built-in electric generator, as well as by the UPS-subsystem.

The Mobile Laboratory is equipped with the complete Air-Conditioning System, backed-up by additional air-heating subsystem, to provide necessary laboratory conditions according to the international standards.

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Investigations and measurements of different properties and quality, in-the-field of:

  • Crude Oil and petrochemical products
  • Beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Food
  • Customs inspections

Turn-a-Key Solution

  • furniture with lockers, drawers, refrigerators, waults, waste containers, etc.
  • electric installation with or without external power supplies, electric generators, UPSs, distribution, infrastructure
  • air-conditioning system, ventilation
  • supplies of waters (tap, distilled)
  • gas installations and distributions

Special Vehicle Preparation

  • additional antivibration systems
  • additional fuel tanks
  • additional lights, power generations, …
  • custom colors, branding
  • completely customized outlook!


Supporting Super-Structures

  • Specially adopted truck for accepting laboratory and measuring instrumentation
  • custom-built spaces, thermally insulated, fire-proof, chemically-proof
  • custom-built perimeter lighting by telescopic reflectors system, warning lights, sirens, alarms, GPS-tracking and “black-box” system, etc.
  • built-in diesel electric generator capable of powering the sensitive and important measuring systems;
    IT network, alarms, etc.
  • could be powered by external connection to the existing public electric grid – interconnection is controlled automatically
  • Air-Conditioning System for providing laboratory conditions according to the ISO 554, backed-up with air-heating subsystem, additional evaporators, etc.
  • system is digitally controlled and checked by separate digital thermo/hygro/barometer
  • internal and external lighting, with local controls (for proper illumination of the laboratory work space) and perimeter control
  • informational infrastructure includes central server PC to which the measuring instruments and printer are connected. Data are collected by acquisition from the instruments and managed by special software tools;
    – it can be transferred to the intranet and/or to the internet via built-in wireless mode equipment
  • alarm systems for detection of hazardous gases, smoke and fire, built-in access-alarm systems,
    manual fire-extinguishers are strategically positioned!
  • First-Aid lockers, eye-washer, water supply, waste management elements, safe-depository box, chairs, accessing ramp, leathers, tool-sets, etc.

Measuring Instruments and Systems

The Mobile Laboratory is world-wide unique and equipped with the measuring systems for on-site analysis of samples/properties (in dowloadlink):

Version B – Medium Size

Based on a van we supply a complete laboratory. The instruments and infrastructure are protected against vibration. Special features allow the use in the field.

ROFA Serial Data Logger allows the use of the measurement data for instruments supplied by ROFA or instruments from other suppliers.