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Automatic Fuel Sampling System (AFSS)



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The Automatic Fuel Sampling System from Bottom-Loaded Road Tanker Trucks (AFSS) is designed to automate sampling of the fuels for further analysis from the Road Tanker-Trucks that are bottom-loaded. It is operated by the Computer System with Custom-Designed Software System. Operations are performed using Touch-Sensitive Computer Screen. Complete system is realised according to the ATEX Ex norms, fully compliant to the European Norms that regulate fuel sampling/transporting systems. All the implemented elements (electromagnetic valves, pump, PLC computer system, touch-screen, sensors/transmitters, junction boxes, etc.) comes with appropriate ATEX Ex certificates, and are the part of this project.

The AFSS is designed and constructed for taking gasoline, diesel, biodiesel blends and FAME from the road tanker trucks that are bottom-loaded. Sample taking is provided with vapour-recovery system.

  1. Sample taking from the road tanker truck to the AFSS
  2. Sample returning from the AFSS to the road tanker truck
  3. Sample mixing/homogenizing while in the AFSS
  4. Taking sample aliquotes for the laboratoratory analysis during the sample taking/returing functions
  5. Emptying/cleaning of the AFSS.