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ROFA offers a wide range of materials for control of analyzers in petroleum laboratories. Manufactured and calibrated under strictly controlled conditions, these materials conform to all the relevant international standards and quality protocols. We offer following certified reference materials:

All CRMs are filled into aluminium bottles of 250ml or 1000ml, depending on parameters. Certificates showing values and uncertainties of the parameters, conditions of storage and conservation as well as the use during tests are included in delivery.

Production Process

Fuels Supply
All products are from certified produers who supply us with 100-200 liter drums.
Before analyzing the materials a set of circulation pumps transfer the contents of one drum to another. This process takes about 24 hours.
Initial Validation
Before filling CRMs into bottles we send samples to our laboratory. Depending on the results we decide to use 250ml or 1000ml bottles.
We fill bottles with our nitrogen pressurization system to ensure a completely safe working space. All bottles are closed with a teflon cap and a safety stopper.
Afterwards CRMs are labelled with their product code, product number, production date and a bar code for traceable registration.
Analyzing, Testing
Homogeneity Analysis; Round Robin Test; Stability Analysis after one month
All bottles are supplied with certificates according ISO 5725-2