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ROFA Serial Data Logger


The RSDL (ROFA Serial Data Logger) is a software that reads and processes serial data streams of a number of laboratory analyzers.


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Any analyzer with a serial port (RS-232/485) that transmits data in any text format can be connected to the system. These analyzers can either be connected to serial ports of the computer, or, because the number of serial ports is limited, to the USB port with the use of USB to Serial Hubs. An additional possibility is to use (Wireless) Serial Port Servers to connect analyzers to (existing) LANs (Local Area Networks) or WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks).

In a first step the software separates the data streams into records and puts them in a queue. In a second step regular expressions are used to parse these records to extract the data fields. The concept of regular expression allows to adapt the software to almost any serial protocol. After all data fields (results of an analysis) of a record have been extracted they are stored in a database and/or spreadsheet file for further processing or transfer to a LIMS. Reports based on customizable templates can be printed or saved as PDF files for documentation.

Because all steps of the data processing are configurable the software can be adapted to almost any type of analyzers!

The RSDL Database Browser is a standalone application that can be used to search the database with different filter options like time, sample or analyzer.