FP92 5G2    Flash Point - Cleveland Open Cup
Open cup flash & fire testing from 1o to 400oF (34o to 750oF) optional autosampling. Choose from preset or programmable test methods: search, fast, and pass/fail. Offers sample pre-heating with adjustable duration and an optional skin removal device for bitumen applications. The FP92 5G2 quickly cools, enabling immediate initiation of your next test; add an SC6 6-place sample changer at any time for enhanced automation.
ASTM D 92, ISO 2592, EN 22592, IP 36, DIN/EN 22592, JIS K2265, NF EN 22592
  • Easiest-to-use flash point testing equipment available
  • Real-time display during analysis, viewable from 5 meters
  • Extensive local memory for testing control, statistical analysis
    • 550 results
    • 20 sample specifications
    • 20 operator names
    • 20 different test methods
  • Built-in barometric sensor & correction
  • Calibration frequency tagging
  • Extensive local memory for testing control, statistical analysis
  • Automatic test flame ignition and immediate relight during testing, if necessary; automatic gas suppression following test
  • Networked, PC-controlled operation & data management available with ISL's ALAN® (Automatic Laboratory Analyzer Network) system; RS 232C and printer connection
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