CPP 5Gs    Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer
The CPP 5Gs' powerful, built-in cooling system (patent pending) enables testing of petroleum samples with ultra low temperature pour and/or cloud points... below ?90°C (-130°F)! Utilizing the power of automation, this instrument increases lab productivity and greatly improves reproducibility and repeatability. Simple, completely unattended operation frees technician time while a compact foot print and auto-switching power supply make this unique portable instrument available whenever and wherever needed.
ASTM D 97, D 5950, D 5853, IP 15, ISO 3016, JIS K2269 CLOUD POINT:
ASTM D 2500, D 5771, IP 219, IP 444, ISO 3015, JIS K2269
  • Safe, simple operation
  • Completely self-contained cooling system
    • enables ultra-low temperature testing
    • saves energy
    • eliminates the heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units
  • Compact and portable; easily moves throughout your lab to the area where needed
  • Endurance tested and proven for long-term operation
  • Networked, PC-controlled operation & data management available with ISL's ALAN® (Automatic Laboratory Analyzer Network) system
    • start tests from a PC, choosing from an unlimited number of test programs
    • save results to a database
    • edit cooling profiles
    • customize reporting
    • automatically export data to LIMS according to a user defined protocol
    • and much more...
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