Bellingham + Stanley
RFM 311   
With space saving and ergonomics in mind, wall mounting allows the RFM311 refractometer to be sited close to a sampling point in a factory. The funnel flow cell arrangement is designed to give rapid and reliable sampling with easy cleaning. The vertical orientation of the cell helps remove gas and prevents deposition of suspended solids on the prism surface. The RFM311 may be used in a variety of applications. A particular example is the rapid and reliable measurement of the sugar content of grape must which is required to assess the value of a particular harvest for wine making. In the Wine Industry, the Oechsle scale is often favoured, but other scales are also available with the RFM311: Sugar (Brix - with optional temperature compensation), Baumé, Probable Alcohol, and Refractive Index. Operation of the instrument is very simple. A sample is poured into the funnel and a tap opened to allow a steady flow through the cell. The tap is then closed and the reading taken from the digital display. Fresh sample is used to displace the previous sample, thereby eliminating the need for cell and prism cleaning between readings. A sieve can be used to collect suspended material such as that found in freshly squeezed grape must.
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