Bellingham + Stanley
ADS 220   
The ADS220 is a saccharimeter, which means it is designed and optimised for the measurement of sugar solutions. In addition to the ISS (Z) scale, it has the standard angular scale but not with the selectable range feature of the ADP220. On the Z scale the ADS220 has a higher measuring accuracy that the ADP220. An important feature is the 'purity' mode. In this mode the instrument can display directly the purity of the measured sample. The equation used is flexible allowing the user to enter the required constants (multipliers). Brix values for the test sample can either be entered manually or the ADS220 can be coupled directly to an RFM refractometer with the reading being transmitted via the RS 232 interface. The resulting purity is displayed on the ADS220. The ADS220 can be fitted with a 'slotted' lid, designed to accept funnel flow-through tubes that are often preferred in sugar testing laboratories.
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