Bellingham + Stanley
ADP 220   
The ADP220 is a low cost, general purpose, fully automatic polarimeter suitable for measuring the rotation of optically active samples across a wide range of laboratory applications. Operation is simple with touch-of-a-button control for automatic read, print, scale change and zero setting. Both Angular Degree and International Sugar (ISS) scales are selectable. Results are displayed digitally and can be printed directly or sent to a computer. Polarimeter tubes up to 220mm in length can be used. The exterior power supply means low heat generation within the instrument and hence rapid stabilisation. A fixed temperature probe monitors the temperature of the sample chamber and a second probe is provided for direct sample temperature monitoring. Water jacketed tubes can be used for precise temperature control. In certain applications, the ADP220 can be used with a funnel flow tube, allowing the previously measured sample to be flushed away with a new sample, eliminating the need to clean the tube regularly between each sample. In order to achieve this, an optional 'slotted lid' is required for either 200mm or 100mm tube lengths.
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