Antek (PAC)
ElemeNtS    Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer
ElemeNtS is the most advanced, modular, analytical system which detects Total Sulfur and/or Total Nitrogen efficiently using Ultra Violet Fluorescence (UVF) and Chemiluminescence (CLD) in liquid, gaseous materials and LPG samples. The analyzer is equipped with 10” Touchscreen Interface for direct queue control and diagnostics. Modern design, aimed at reducing bench space, as ElemeNtS is the smallest combustion analyzer on the market, with an easily accessible front door for effortless maintenance. ElemeNtS can be used with two types of autosamplers: - 749 Liquid Autosampler: 162 x 2 mL-vials can be stored on one tray holder. Available sizes: 10, 25, 50 and 100 µl. -Single Shot Autosampler: Cost-effective solution for injecting a single replicate sample by syringe. Available size: 25 µl.
Sulfur: ASTM D5453, EN ISO 20846, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, EN 15486, IP 490, JIS K 2541 Nitrogen: ASTM D4629, ASTM D5176, ASTM D7184, DIN 51444, ISO/TR 11905, GB/T 17674, UOP 936, JIS K2609
ElemeNtS Analyzes a Wide Application Range all in one Instrument Quick analysis for various sample types ElemeNtS is able to analyze liquids, gases and LPG samples quickly and accurately Long term stability for continuous use Improved Lab Productivity Through Reduced User Intervention Factory tuned analyzer; the instrument is ready for method development once installed With optional customized applications development, operators do not need to spend time to develop methods High capacity liquid autosampler (324 samples) reduces need for operators to be present when running samples Long term stability reduces calibrations by operators for any measurement range Application Specific Configurations Provides Excellent Precision Dedicated sample analyzer means that your analyzer can truly be optimized for its intended application; can be configured for multiple applications PAC application specialists can develop customized methods (no on-site method development needed) Factory-tuned analyzer prior to shipment Proven Compliancy for Multiple Industries Low detection limits ensure regulatory and quality requirements Wide application range helps multiple industries meet standards requirements
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