Refractive Index Standards   
Paragon Scientific produces a range of sucrose standards for use in the calibration and verification of all types of refractometer e.g. handheld, Abbe and high accuracy digital instruments. Sucrose standards are manufactured using traceable high purity materials to four decimal places following ICUMSA methods. They are the only standards available world -wide which carry a full BS EN ISO / IEC17025 certificate of calibration with each bottle. Sucrose solutions are ideal for use in the food and beverage industries and are available in various concentrations depending on the end users application. Unique concentrations can also be manufactured upon request. You can save money by using our yearly subscription package, which also allows you to place one order while still receiving a regular supply of the chosen certified standard.
  • Traceable to National Standards
  • High Accuracy
  • Monthly contracts are available
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