PFX195    Lovibond PFX195 Automatic Transmittance Colorimeter
Colour Testing Made Simple The Lovibond PFX195 is an easy to use, automatic instrument that zeros on air and requires no special skills to operate. The built-in menu guides users through the selection of operating parameters such as colour scale. Thereafter, readings are made with a single key press, taking less than 25 seconds to com-plete. Easily Customised to User Specifications Adaptable software and design allow users to configure the PFX195 to their requirements. Operators can set the language for display, program the PFX195 to show only those scales of interest or restrict access to the menu system. As well as standard colorimetry cells, the PFX195 can be used with a range of tubes and standard, flow-through and disposable spectrophotometer cells. Calculation and Description of Off-Hue Status The PFX195 off-hue status is a useful facility that reveals whether the sample colour is characteristic of the selected scale. It includes a descrip-tion of hue difference (eg. redder, greener), relative saturation (stronger or weaker) and an off-hue factor (a relative measure of the distance away in colour space of the sample colour from the ?true? colour scale). Suited to Laboratory or Production Environments Comprehensive facilities for colour management make the Lovibond PFX195 an ideal choice for the laboratory. However, with excellent calibra-tion stability, password protection for tamper proof control and simple operation, the PFX195 also supports the migration of quality control to the manufacturing area, making it a cost-effective option for dedicated production testing. For easy maintenance, the Lovibond PFX195 includes a robust steel sample chamber, which is simply removed and cleaned if a spillage occurs, and the precision filament lamp is easily assessed and changed from outside the instrument. Optimised Use of Colour Data Data sets can be saved in the instrument, printed out or automatically down loaded to a PC computer where they can be processed and stored for future analysis, traceability and monitoring trends. The colour control software supplied with the PFX195 enables the generation of spectral and CIE diagrams as well as analysis of spectral data. It also permits direct control of the instrument from the computer. Confidence in Colour Measurement For regular conformance checking each PFX195 is provided with a cali-brated glass filter of known colour value. Sets of conformance filters and certified colour reference solutions are also available for routine calibration and verification of test data. Conformance filters are sup-plied with a Certificate of Conformity stating their colour values and confirming that they have been manufactured and inspected under the control of Tintometer?s ISO 9001 quality system. Certified colour ref-erence solutions are supplied with full traceability to internationally recognised standards, either UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2000 (ASTM Color, Saybolt and Gardner Colour) or the ISO 9001:2000 quality sys-tem (Pt-Co Units). Colour Analysis made Simple The PFX880/IP17 colorimeter is an easy to use, automatic instrument. The menu system guides operators through the selection of operating parameters. Thereafter, measurements are initiated by just a single key press and take less than 25 seconds to complete. When measuring IP Units of clear, water-white products, the long sample path length ensures precise colour measurements, without multiplying errors. Confidence in Instrument Performance The PFX880/IP17 is a rugged colorimeter with a fabricated steel housing which is designed to function equally as a QC instrument within the laboratory or on 24 hour operation in a production environment. A diagnostic test routine allows users to conduct periodic checks on the instrument or identify faults. For regular conformance testing the colorimeters are also supplied with a coloured glass filter from the appropriate colour scale.
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