PFX880/IP17    Auto IP Units & Lovibond Colour
The Institute of Petroleum?s standard method IP 17 specifies that the colour of petroleum products is determined in terms of either Lovibond values (Method A), or a restricted range of 14 colour standards IP Units (Method B). The Lovibond PFX880/IP17 is a limited-scale, automatic colorimeter for colour measurement according to both Lovibond RYBN Colour and IP Units. Results can also be displayed in terms of CIE values and spectral data.
IP 17
Colour Analysis made Simple The PFX880/IP17 colorimeter is an easy to use, automatic instrument. The menu system guides operators through the selection of operating parameters. Thereafter, measurements are initiated by just a single key press and take less than 25 seconds to complete. When measuring IP Units of clear, water-white products, the long sample path length ensures precise colour measurements, without multiplying errors. Confidence in Instrument Performance The PFX880/IP17 is a rugged colorimeter with a fabricated steel housing which is designed to function equally as a QC instrument within the laboratory or on 24 hour operation in a production environment. A diagnostic test routine allows users to conduct periodic checks on the instrument or identify faults. For regular conformance testing the colorimeters are also supplied with a coloured glass filter from the appropriate colour scale.
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