SB+2    Scanning Brookfield Technique / Gelation Index
Low-temperature measurement of viscosities from -5°C to -40°C or below. Automated data acquisition and analysis. Tabular and graphical printout of Gelation Index and Gelation Index Temperature. The viscosity/temperature curve is continuously updated and displayed on the monitor while data is written to disk for later analysis. The PlusTwo model also permits running five additional low-temperature tests: MRV-TP1 (ASTM D 4684), Pour Point (D 97), Stable Pour Point (FTM 203C), Kinematic Viscosity (D 445) and Brookfield (D 2983). Principle: - Liquid bath for analyzing fluids at low temperatures.
ASTM D 4684, ASTM D 97, ASTM D 445, ASTM D 2983
Special Features: - Programmable and Manual bath controls. - Viewing window into bath. - Easily removable Insert Modules for adaptation to other tests . - Removable viscometer Bracket for D2983 testing.
Tech. parameters
Dimensions: - Bath: ~190 lbs. (~27" x 19" x 24") Cooling Capabilities: - Approximately +30°C to beyond -70°C - Programmable cooling rate: 0.1° to 30°C/hour Bath Control: - Programmable: ± 0.1°C - Manual: ± 0.03°C Bath Medium: - Methanol is recommended. Test Methods/Specifications: - The SB+2 bath is capable of maintaining sufficient temperatures and has appropriate hardware modules for running the following tests: - Scanning Brookfield Technique & Gelation Index (D5133) / ILSAC GF specifications - Mini-Rotary Viscometer TP1 (D4684) / ILSAC GF, SAE J300 specifications - Brookfield Viscosity (D2983) - Kinematic Viscosity (D445) - Pour Point (D97) - Stable Pour Point (FTM 203C) Standard Voltage: - 120 VAC, 60 Hz., single-phase (Also available in 220 VAC and 50 Hz.) Safety: - High temperature Cut-out - Low Liquid Level Cut-out - Multiple fuses