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Reformulyzer M4    Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis
The Reformulyzer M4 determines full group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi-dimensional gas chromatography. It is the fastest and most flexible analyzer on the market to combine analysis for Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes, Oxygenates, and Aromatics in one instrument. The M4 is the only solution that truly meets today’s lab challenges, including time-savings, flexibility, and product value optimization.
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Simdis    Simdis
AC Analytical Controls®, the global SIMDIS market leader, provides a full range of solutions that accurately determine true boiling point data from naphtha up to crude oil samples.
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HiSpeed RGA    HiSpeed RGA - Refinery Gas Components
Refinery gas streams vary considerably in composition. Determining individual components of each gas stream is a challenge. An exact measure of stream components is essential in achieving optimum control and assuring product quality. AC Analytical Controls offers the Hi-Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer, a high speed solution that determines and reports the composition of refinery gas streams in only five minutes.
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AC Analytical Controls offers a full range of detailed hydrocarbon analyzers for flexible and reliable component identification. The unique DHA Combi system design accommodates the analysis of both light petroleum streams and the light end in crude oil.
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