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Software for ASTM D1250-04

Temperature and pressure volume correction factors for generalized crude oils, refined products, and
ubricating oils.

ROFA Serial Data Logger

The RSDL (ROFA Serial Data Logger) is a software that reads and processes serial data streams of a number of laboratory analyzers.

Certified Reference Materials

ROFA offers a wide range of materials for control of analyzers in petroleum laboratories – manufactured and calibrated under strictly controlled conditions,

Container Laboratory

A safe and flexible solution to house analytical equipment is our completely customizable Container Laboratory.

Mobile Laboratory

UNIQUE on the market: our completely customizable Mobile Laboratory!

ROFA Blender

ROFA’s Blender are automatic controlled by PLC or PC and with or without burettes.
They are available in mode Gravity or in mode Pumps, according to selected Blender model.

ROFA Precision Calculation Tools

ROFA works closely with statisticians and industry experts to provide the unique solution for precision determination of measurement methods under ISO and ASTM.