Supplier: PAC


Micro carbon residue tester.


Diesel thermal oxidation tester.


Jet fuel thermal oxidation tester.

Extended Hydrocarbon Oil Index

Analyzer determines the content of dispersed mineral oil between n-C7 and n-C40 in water by means of gas chromatography.

AC 8634

Boiling Point Distribution – data for naphtha and gasoline in 15 minutes.

CNS SIMDIS for Crude Oil

Determines the boiling range distribution of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur in crudes and final products.

AC 8612

Boiling Point Distribution


Traces oxygenates in light hydrocarbon streams.

Flow Modulated GC*GC

Provides detailed and reliable compositional information on refinery streams.

Fast RGA (1058)

Fast Refinery Gas Analyzer separates inert gases and C1-C5 hydocarbons in 20 minutes.

FTO D6296

fast total olefin analysis within 20 minutes.