Supplier: PAC

OptiPMD: Micro-Distillation

OptiPMD’s method, ASTM D7345, delivers significantly faster results compared to the conventional ASTM D86 method, and it’s now accepted as an alternative to certify Jet A, Jet A-1, and military grades F-34, F37 and F-44 in Canada.

HGT 915 & 917: Gum Test

Measure evaporation residue in aviation fuels, motor gasolines, and other volatile distillates. HGT 915 uses air evaporation, while the HGT 917 offers the versatility of either air or steam evaporation.

HRB 754 Ring & Ball

Automatically determines the softening point of bitumen, tar, pitch, tall oil rosins, and polymeric resins via standard ring and ball test methods.

HDV 632

Fully automated Vacuum Distillation Analyzer, which offers highest flexibility for the user. It can measure samples up to 650C AET.

HVM 472

Determines direct kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids fully automated.

HVP 972: Vapor Pressure

Designed for accurate determination of vapor pressure of both automotive and aviation gasoline, turbine fuels, other light distillate petroleum products, hydrocarbon solvents and chemical compounds.

OptiFlash Tag & Abel

Flash point analyzer – accurately detects flashpoints from ‘-30°C to 120°C:

OptiFlash – Pensky Martens

determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, fluxed bitumen, food, and beverages up to 400°C.

CID 510 – Cetane Ignition Delay

A unique technology that is proven to provide the best precision in the market for determining the Derived Cetane Number of all types of diesel fuel, biodiesel, FAME, HVO, BTL, and GTL.

High Pressure Viscosity Sensors

The high pressure viscosity sensors 440 and 443 are used in various applications including PVT oil research, EOR, core analysis, and supercritical fluid research.

ViscoLab PVT

Delivers accurate, fast, and reliable viscosity measurements for oil, gas and supercritical fluids.

ViscoLab 3000

Laboratory viscometer for measurements at specific temperatures.

ViscoLab 4000

Small sample viscometer which supports up to 12 different 20:1 viscosity ranges.


Combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen, and halides all in one.


Total elemental combustion analyzer.


Visual Tube Rater – used to manually rate heater tube deposits: