Bellingham + Stanley
Abbe 60    Direct Reading Refractometer
Bellingham+Stanley manufactures the 'Abbe 60' range of bench refractometers. These well established instruments use the highest quality materials and construction methods to achieve high definition borderlines for a very wide range of applications. The available models cover a refractive index range from 1.20 to 1.74. In quality control and research laboratories, Abbe 60 refractometers can be used to measure solids, pure liquids, solutions and formulated products. Modern laboratories demand very high precision and absolute accuracy. When used in conjunction with visible wavelength sources, reference standards and adequate temperature control, high accuracy Abbe 60 models can achieve accuracy to ±0.00004 RI or better, depending on sample type. These models are supplied with Windows® based software for calculation of full and partial dispersions of samples such as hydrocarbons (ASTM D 1218) and glass.
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