FPP 5Gs    Automated Cold Filter Plugging Point
The ISL FPP 5Gs and FPP 5G determine the CFPP temperature in perfect accordance with EN 116, IP 309 and ASTM D 6371 test methods. The FPP 5Gs is unique: it has its own built-in cooling system (patent pending) and does not require any external liquid connection. The FPP 5Gs is the only portable instrument which performs the tests strictly according to EN 116 conditions. This compact , easy to use unit is ideal for process control. The FPP 5Gs is fully independent, there is no need to move between remote units and a central unit. It has an alphanumeric solvent proof keypad and a large easy to read LCD display. Test results are displayed and printed in real time.
EN 116, IP 309 and ASTM D 6371 Customized methods, total of 5 test methods
  • Ultra powerful built-in cooling system (only FPP 5Gs)
    • No heat
    • No noise
    • No external liquid connection
    • No toxic coolant vapors
    • Small foot print
  • Flexibility :
    • Five test programs in memory of the stand alone unit, unlimited number of test programs when connected to PC.
    • Cooling profile, vacuum profile and end of test conditions programmable allowing for various test methods.
    • Automatic in-situ cleaning with two solvents or cleaning according to method.
  • Precision :
    • Remote detection of the sample flow in the pipette : this avoids the thermal insulation of the pipette. The environment of the pipette is exactly according to the conditions specified in the method.
    • Automatic calibration with calibration frequency program.
    • Probe correction capabilities.
    Tech. parameters