Herzog (PAC)
HVU 482   
Herzog's HVU 482 Low Temperature Viscometer is designed to automate the low temperature viscosity testing of aviation turbine fuels while meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM D 445. Totally microprocessor controlled, this time-saving instrument features two Ubbelohde-style capillary tubes in a programmable constant-temperature bath, local keypad and disply, near-infrared or thermistor timing of efflux flow, and an automatic tube cleaning system.
ASTM D 455
Measures viscosity of aviation fuels at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 100°C according to ASTM D 455 Automatic measurement and cleaning Displays all test conditions and results Controls bath temperature with ±0.01°C stability Accommodates two ASTM Ubbelohde viscosity tubes NIR or thermistor meniscus detection Low volume solvent cleaning Stand alone or networked operation
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