Conductivity Standards   
Conductivity Standards Conductivity has a wide range of applications and is used in various industries including, semiconductor manufacturing, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, metal and mining, textiles, pulp and paper and environmental monitoring of water quality. In most cases conductivity is an aqueous based test where it proportionally reflects the degree of water purity, the lower the conductivity of water the higher it?s purity. The measurement of low level conductivity in particular has been fraught with difficulties due to the lack of a calibration standard which is stable, matrix matched and with a certified accuracy. We can now offer a range of conductivity standards with values ranging from 1.3 µS/cm to 500,000 µS/cm. These standards offer the following advantages: Large Range of Values. As a dedicated supplier of conductivity with an offering of over twenty conductivity standards, we can offer a suitable standard irrespective of application. Guaranteed Stability. Extensive stability studies have been carried out on all the conductivity standards, guaranteeing their stability though their entire shelf life. A technical paper detailing the results of these studies will be available shortly. Matrix Matched All of the standards are aqueous based thereby eliminating the effects of matrix mismatch. This is of particular concern in the area of low level conductivity standards where most commercially available standards are either alcohol or glycerine based. Certified Accuracy. The complete range of standards has an accuracy of ±1%. Fully Traceable. Complete traceability to N.I.S.T Certified Reference Material. USP 24 Compliant Values We supply conductivity standards with levels as low as 1.3 µS/cm, 5 µS/cm, 15 µS/cm and 20 µS/cm with a certified accuracy of ±1%.
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