Antek (PAC)
6000 SERIES    Process/on-line Analyzers
ANTEK?s 6000 Series Analyzers configure for analysis of nitrogen and sulfur. Gases and liquids are analyzed in one to two minutes with the analytical range and analysis time for an individual detector unchanged by the addition of a second detector.

Utilizing accuracy and precision of our Pyro-chemiluminescent? technology, the 6000N Nitrogen Analyzer delivers total nitrogen determinations from 10 ppb to percent levels. Chemiluminescence is the clean, fast method for determining total bound nitrogen in a variety of matrices.
Our Pyro-fluorescent? sulfur analysis technology is a fast and accurate quantitation method. It provides determinations for an analytical range of 10 ppb to percent levels. This clean instrumental method is more stable than lead acetate tape methods, without their consumables or lead waste disposal problems.
  • ASTM D5453, D2622, D4294, D4629 compliance and/or equivalency
  • Certified by CSA/NRTL and CENELEC-ATEX
  • Accepted by CARB for analysis of sulfur & nitrogen in RFG & diesel
  • Choice method of ISBT for total sulfur analysis in food-grade CO2
    • Fast, precise measurement of liquid & gas samples
    • Sensitivity from 10 ppb to % levels
    • Linear response over four orders of magnitude
    • Low maintenance
    Tech. parameters