Potstill Distillation Plants

Fully Automatic Potstill Distillation Plant in According to ASTM D 5236

The distillation plant is mounted inside a completely closed framework, which contains all the parts required for operations. The front of this framework features doors made of transparent polycarbonate. For maintenance or regulation purposes no components need to be removed. Moreover, the framework can be connected directly to an ventilation system by means of an optional connector. In this way the plant is practically beneath an extractor.
Flask heating:
The flask is heated by means of heating jackets and at the top by a movable heating jacket. The heating elements are inside a thermoinsulated base. All the heating circuits are PID regulated. The flask is cooled by a quench cooler fed with cold water. The quench cooler also contains the Pt 100 thermometer necessary for measuring the oil temperature.
The column meets all the requirements of the ASTM D5236 standard and is delivered complete with test certificate.
Distillation Pipes:
All the distillation pipes have a double jacket and can be cooled and heated (-20 150 C, depending on thermostat fluid).
The autosampler allows changing of bottles under atmospheric and vacuum condition. It has a light barriere volume following system, which measures distillation rate and volume. For safety purpose, it detects bottle full condition.
Optionally, autosampler can be equipped with a balance for cut weighing.
Distillation Volume Follower System:
The distillate volume follower serves two purposes:

to measure the volume:
the built in volumenometer records the liquid level optoelectronically and follows it. The movement is made by a high resolution stepping motor.

to separate under atmospheric and vacuum condition:
the distillation sluice enables the distillate to be separated after cutting, regardless of the pressure of the plant. The distillate sluice can be heated and cooled (approx. -20150 C, depending on thermostat fluid).

Conveyor Belt:
Instead of the classic carousel, which collects the fractions, the plant has a conveyor belt fully built into the plant framework. The conveyor belt can take 20 bottles. If more bottles are required, the full bottles can be removed and replaced with empty ones. In theory, the number of sizes and bottles is unlimited, but in fact it is restricted to 99 samples. Optionally, the conveyor belt can be extended.
The powerbox is mounted on telescop rails and can be easily moved out. This system allows easy access to automatic fuses and power sockets.
Control Unit:
The control unitis mounted on telescop rails and can be easily moved out . Any service work on the whole control system can be done from the frontside of the distillation plant.
A thermostat cools or heats the distillation pipes of the plant. The operative temperature is in a range of approx. -20 150 C, depending on the used fluid.
A two stage vacuum pumt at 21 m/h is used to create the vacuum. Minimum vacuum of the vacuum pump is 2.10^(-3) mbar. The vacuum pipes are made of rigid or flexible stainless steel tubing or reinforced PVC vacuum tubes.
Measuring Points:
All the measuring points consist of Pt 100 temperature sensors. Control and monitoring of vacuum are made by one MKS Baratron pressure transducer. The operation range is from 10 Torr down to 0.1 Torr.
A PC set is built in the control module in charge of control and display the process.
As a standard, we use Dell computes and monitors. The computer system comes with a worldwide warranty of two years with Dell international repair service.

EuroDist Control Software:
Full screenpage of the distillation unit
Distillation process controlled and regulated automatically to ASTM standards
2 running modes: manual and fully automatic operation
Distillation can be interrupted at any time. After continuation, the data are combined to one data file. Also several interruptions are possible.
Calibration Software for all probes
Scale weighing program (optional)
Calibration program for Pt100 sensors and vacuum probes
All the readings are stored and can be displayed in various windows during the distilling process
All data are collected in adjustable time intervals
Data can be transferred to spreadsheet programs
External watchdog supervises software control
Access to input and output functions in real time
Loads and saves parameter settings to hard disk or floppy disk
Chart Recorder, built in the EuroDist control software, permits to store on harddisk complete distillation data, to show all temperatures, pressures and volumes. Possibility to manipulate x and y axes and to print charts on color printer

Any alarms are displayed, printed and stored. The plant is designed to operate fully automatically and without supervision. Numerous security functions also redundant control the distillation process. In the event of a power failure, all the valves go back to the initial position for maximum safety.

Technical Data:

Max. temperature flask C 400
Max. temperature AET C 600
Minimum operation pressure Torr 0.1
Flask size l 6
Flask material   glass or stainless steel
Column diameter (DN) mm 36
Receiver size ml 500 or 1000
Max. receivers on Conveyor Belt   20
Max. cuts   99
Utility requirements:
Electrical (3P+ N+PE )

Compressed air


6 (dry, not oiled, particle filter)
2 (dry, technical quality)
4 (particle filter)
Ambient conditions:
Rel. humidity


10 35


Weight (approximately) kg 500