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PMD 110    Laboratory Micro-Distillation
Developed in partnership with leading university researchers, the ISL PMD 110 is a state-of-the art solution for fast and reliable response distillation analysis. It is in accordance to ASTM D7345 and in perfect correlation with ASTM D86 (groups 0-4), D1160, ISO 3405 and IP 123. Based on an innovative micro-distillation method, the PMD 110 determines the boiling range characteristics of any commercially available petroleum product, including light and middle distillates (process streams, in less than 10 minutes and using only 10ml of sample.
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VIDA    VIDA Density Meter
Dedicated to the refinery and petrochemical industries, the VIDA(TM) analyzers integrate innovative features to ensure reliable and accurate analysis of crude oil & petroleum products from volatile to the highly viscous ones over temperature range of 0 to 100C.
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OptiCPP    Cloud and Pour Point
Combining a revolutionary patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism, ISLs OptiCPP performs pour and/cloud point testing of any petroleum products, down to -95C (-139F), in accordance with all international standards. Its unique cooling technology eliminates external liquid connections, heat and noise but also the maintenance associated with external cooling. OptiCPP is 100% configurable, accommodates your unique testing requirements, yet also provides strict compliance to international standard test methods. Automation enables unattended operation with excellent reproducibility and repeatability.
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CPP 5Gs    Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer
The CPP 5Gs' powerful, built-in cooling system (patent pending) enables testing of petroleum samples with ultra low temperature pour and/or cloud points... below ?90C (-130F)! Utilizing the power of automation, this instrument increases lab productivity and greatly improves reproducibility and repeatability. Simple, completely unattended operation frees technician time while a compact foot print and auto-switching power supply make this unique portable instrument available whenever and wherever needed.
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FPP 5Gs    Automated Cold Filter Plugging Point
The ISL FPP 5Gs and FPP 5G determine the CFPP temperature in perfect accordance with EN 116, IP 309 and ASTM D 6371 test methods. The FPP 5Gs is unique: it has its own built-in cooling system (patent pending) and does not require any external liquid connection. The FPP 5Gs is the only portable instrument which performs the tests strictly according to EN 116 conditions. This compact , easy to use unit is ideal for process control. The FPP 5Gs is fully independent, there is no need to move between remote units and a central unit. It has an alphanumeric solvent proof keypad and a large easy to read LCD display. Test results are displayed and printed in real time.
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FP92 5G2    Flash Point - Cleveland Open Cup
Open cup flash & fire testing from 1o to 400oF (34o to 750oF) optional autosampling. Choose from preset or programmable test methods: search, fast, and pass/fail. Offers sample pre-heating with adjustable duration and an optional skin removal device for bitumen applications. The FP92 5G2 quickly cools, enabling immediate initiation of your next test; add an SC6 6-place sample changer at any time for enhanced automation.
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NCK2 5G    NOACK Evaporation Loss Analyzer
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RB 36    Automated Ring & Ball Tester
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Designed to provide highly accurate cloud and pour point temperatures of petroleum products during cooling, ISLs automated Mini Cloud Pour Point Analyzer is compact, portable and delivers fast results (30C in less than 30 minutes, and quick pour point correlation with no flow @ 0.1C determination). Easy single button operation involves placing a tube filled with test specimen on the sample changer and pressing the OK key. MPP 5Gs powerful built-in cooling system with selectable cooling profiles requires no special programming or prior cloud and pour point measuring test knowledge. The MPP 5Gs automation will significantly increase test productivity and improve repeatability and reproducibility.
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OptiFPP    Cold Filter Plugging Point
The next generation OptiFPP combines a patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism into an ultra-compact, easy to use instrument.The ISL OptiFPP analyzer provides automated CFPP test in strict accordance to EN116 and EN16329 conditions. The ISL OptiFPP precisely controls jacket cooling and electronically controlled vacuum adjusts as the test specimen is drawn though a mesh filter, per method conditions. Once crystal formation inhibits sample flow within a set time, a CFPP value is detected,displayed and stored to memory. Detailed reports are available, showing any abnormal points, as well as sample temperature behavior during the test.
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OptiFZP    Freezing Point Analyzer
The next generation Freezing Point Analyzer offers proven technology used by labs worldwide. The powerful internal cooling system can measure up to -100C (-148F) without the need of an external cooling bath. The unique patented detection cell provides ultra-high accuracy with unmatched precision, while maintaining its compact footprint.The newly designed OptiFZP includes a color touchscreen and advanced electronics that allows network printing and electronic data transfer from the analyzer to a PC.
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VH Series    Automatic Houillon Viscometers
Using a "houillon" capillary tube, ISL's VH Series Viscometers automatically determine kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, used oils, fuels, polymers and similar materials over a wide viscosity range. The method was initially developed for lubricant blending facilities, research labs, and used oil verification measurements. It requires less than 1 milliliter of sample with an average run time of 60 seconds, maintaining the precision of ASTM D 445. Running under custom 32-bit, multi-tasking Windows-based software, you can centrally monitor of up to 16 capillaries spanning up to 4 baths. Results are displayed, saved in the database, printed or sent directly to a LIMS following user-defined protocol. The Model VH 1 integrates a single solvent capacity for tube cleaning, while the Model VH 2 accommodates two solvents, offering more flexibility in solvent selection and more efficient tube cleaning and drying. All VH 2 parts that come in contact with sample or solvents are made of glass, stainless steel and brass, Teflon or Kalrez. Thus, aggressive solvents can be used on this model.
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TVB 445    Viscosity Bath
Specially designed for tests demanding ultra precise temperature control and/or for processes requiring visual monitoring, ISL's TVB 445 (co-developed with Tamson) conforms to all requirements of ASTM D445 and equivalent test methods. It is perfectly adapted for kinematic viscosity measurement using glass capillary viscometers and can be further used for thermometer calibration, crystal growing, density and reaction rate measurement, etc.
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