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RFM 300   
RFM300 Refractometers are the most versatile and hence the most popular models. They have achieved an impressive track record with customers throughout the world. These instruments offer the best available technology for use in quality control. RFM300 models are designed for easy set-up and operation, reliable measurement and flexible data recording. Brix, RI and up to 5 user scales can be created or selected from the instrument memory. All models are now equipped with a 'Data Management Software' package, aimed at companies that require detailed and particular data recording dictated by modern quality systems, i.e. date and time stamping, operator number, etc. High solids (suspensions, pastes), colour and high viscosity are not a problem; in addition to a repeatable reading, the instrument will give a measure of 'borderline quality'.
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RFM 700    Automatic Refractometer
RFM700 refractometers are low cost, fully automatic instruments that are equipped with the very latest optical and electronic technology from Bellingham+Stanley. They are ideally suited to quality control in food and beverage industries but can also be used in many other applications. The no-moving-parts design ensures reliable and repeatable readings.
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RFM 800    Automatic Refractometer
All RFM800 models are equipped with standard scales: RI and sugar % (┬░Brix) and with sucrose-based automatic temperature compensation. Many other scales are available and can be provided as optional additions to the standard software. Alternatively, users can create user-defined scales and temperature compensation coefficients from measured data.
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ADP 220   
The ADP220 is a low cost, general purpose, fully automatic polarimeter suitable for measuring the rotation of optically active samples across a wide range of laboratory applications. Operation is simple with touch-of-a-button control for automatic read, print, scale change and zero setting. Both Angular Degree and International Sugar (ISS) scales are selectable. Results are displayed digitally and can be printed directly or sent to a computer.
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ADS 220   
The ADS220 is a saccharimeter, which means it is designed and optimised for the measurement of sugar solutions. In addition to the ISS (Z) scale, it has the standard angular scale but not with the selectable range feature of the ADP220. On the Z scale the ADS220 has a higher measuring accuracy that the ADP220.
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RFM 311   
With space saving and ergonomics in mind, wall mounting allows the RFM311 refractometer to be sited close to a sampling point in a factory. The funnel flow cell arrangement is designed to give rapid and reliable sampling with easy cleaning. The vertical orientation of the cell helps remove gas and prevents deposition of suspended solids on the prism surface.
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Eclipse    Portable Refractometers
Hand-held refractometers are low-cost, portable instruments used for ?on the spot? determination of Refractive Index (RI) of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Offering a choice of scales, Eclipse refractometers can be used in a multitude of applications across many and varied industries.
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Abbe 60    Direct Reading Refractometer
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Model D    Polarimeter
The Model D Polarimeter is a well established, high quality, low cost instrument capable of measuring the rotation of optically active samples; and matches the performances of many digital instruments in the market today.
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