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TBS 2100E    Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer
The TBS Viscometer was the world?s first very high shear rate viscometer. In 1979 the instrument was invented, developed, and later patented by Savant Inc. and became the first instrument produced by Tannas Co. formed in 1981. The TBS is the reference instrument for high shear rate viscometry against which other instruments are compared.
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TBS 600    Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer
The TBS Model 600 is utilized primarily for research and development purposes. The fundamental difference between this unit and the TBS 2100E is the larger, single speed, motor which allows measurements of oils with viscosities up to 100 cP.
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TBR    Tannas Basic Rotary Viscometer
A more flexible and accurate alternative to kinematic viscosity measurements at low shear rates. Gives viscosity in centipoise directly comparable to rotational measurements at high shear rates. Excellent tool for measuring viscosities of 'used' and highly sooted oils and for comparing true viscosities of multigrade mineral and synthetic oils. Instrument of choice for low shear determination of Viscosity Loss Trapezoid (VLT) used in VI Improver containing oil..
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SB+2    Scanning Brookfield Technique / Gelation Index
Low-temperature measurement of viscosities from -5°C to -40°C or below. Automated data acquisition and analysis. Tabular and graphical printout of Gelation Index and Gelation Index Temperature. The viscosity/temperature curve is continuously updated and displayed on the monitor while data is written to disk for later analysis. The PlusTwo model also permits running five additional low-temperature tests: MRV-TP1 (ASTM D 4684), Pour Point (D 97), Stable Pour Point (FTM 203C), Kinematic Viscosity (D 445) and Brookfield (D 2983).
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