Alcor Petroleum Instruments
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MCRT-160    Micro Carbon Residue Tester
Alcor?s MCRT-160 provides safe, simple measurement of a petroleum product?s tendency to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature pyrolyzing conditions. Its powerful digital control over all ASTM D 4530 test steps delivers results equivalent to Conradson Carbon (ASTM D 189) with significantly less inconvenience or fuss. A typical D 189 carbon residue analysis can easily take 90 minutes or more of a skilled operator?s time. The MCRT-160, on the other hand, frees skilled lab personnel for more important tasks. The operator only has to weigh the initial and final samples and start the test. The MCRT-160 automatically executes the factory programmed ASTM D 4530 test program. Plus, for added convenience and versatility, it can even be programmed to automate your own specialized time-temperature test profiles.
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JFTOT IV    Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester
Alcor’s JFTOT IV is the globally recognized standard for jet fuel thermal oxidation testing with a worldwide installed base over 1000 instruments of various generations of JFTOT instruments. In addition to its accurate and reliable jet fuel analysis, it offers enhanced safety features and simplified operational capabilities in a smaller, streamlined package than previous generations. The JFTOT IV strictly follows ASTM D3241, IP 323, and ISO 6249 standard test methods.
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